Developing country experts

Six developing country experts from different regions worldwide are part of the STDF and they rotate every two years. Developing country experts take part in STDF Working Group meetings, share experiences on SPS technical cooperation, provide guidance to review funding applications, and promote the STDF in relevant regional and international events.
G. J. Benoit Gnonlonfin  

Gbemenou Joselin Benoit Gnonlonfin is currently ECOWAS-USAID Senior SPS standards advisor. Previously, he worked as a research scientist at Benin’s National Agricultural Research Institute for 10 years. He has been a consultant/expert in the African Union Inter-Bureau on Animal Resources (AU/IBAR) and on AU food safety and Codex projects. His experience includes capacity building, risk assessment and project development. He is a member of the Joint FAO/WHO Experts on Food Additives and Contaminants. He has a Masters in microbiology from the University of Botswana, and a PhD in food safety from the University of Copenhagen.

Merriam Toalak       

Merriam Toalak worked for Biosecurity Vanuatu for 17 years as a Plant Pathology technician under Plant Health. She was acting Director of Biosecurity for two years before leaving for PhD studies in New Zealand, where she is currently doing her PhD program at Lincoln University. She spent half a year working with the Secretariat of the Pacific Community with Biosecurity and Trade, and Plant Health. She is a member of the Australasian Plant Pathology Society and she holds a Masters in Plant Health and Biosecurity from Adelaide University, South Australia.

Sanniel Wilson        

Sanniel Wilson is Jamaica’s Chief Plant Quarantine Officer/Head of Jamaica’s National Plant Protection Organization (NPPO), the Plant Quarantine Produce Inspection Branch. Previously, she was Acting Pest Risk Manager and a Pest Risk Analyst with the NPPO for seven years and a Global Gap Implementation Officer. Her experience includes risk assessment for food safety systems and training in GMPs, GAPs and HACCP. She is Jamaica’s IPPC representative at the Caribbean Agricultural Health Food Safety Agency and country representative on the Caribbean Plant Health Director’s Forum. She holds a Masters in Food Safety and Quality.