STDF Briefings

STDF Briefings address particular topics related to SPS technical cooperation. They aim to disseminate information, experiences and good practices that emerge from the STDF's coordination and capacity building activities.

Facilitating safe trade: going paperless with SPS e-certification
July 2017

Partnering with the private sector: delivering SPS outcomes
February 2017

Inclusive Trade Solutions: women in SPS capacity building
December 2016

STDF/EIF Briefing 
Enhancing SPS capacity to promote trade for development in LDCs
March 2016

STDF Briefing No.11
Prioritizing SPS Investments for Market Access (P-IMA)
January 2016

STDF Briefing No.10
Implementing SPS Measures to Facilitate Safe Trade
December 2015


STDF Briefing No. 9
International Trade and Invasive Alien Species
October 2012

STDF Briefing No.8
Enhancing SPS coordination at the country level
March 2012

STDF Briefing No.7
Prioritizing SPS Capacity Needs using Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis
February 2012

STDF Briefing No.6
Facilitating partnerships to enhance SPS capacity
November 2010

STDF Briefing No.5
Mobilizing Aid for Trade for SPS-related technical cooperation in the Greater Mekong Sub-Region
March 2012

STDF Briefing No.4
A coordinated multi-stakeholder approach to control fruit fly in West Africa
January 2010

STDF Briefing No.3
Using Economic Analysis to Inform SPS Decision-making
December 2009

STDF Briefing No.2
Climate Change and SPS Risks and Responses
October 2009

STDF Briefing No.1
Good Practice in SPS Technical Cooperation
December 2008