Driving SPS capacity, delivering results series

Find out how STDF projects are driving SPS capacity and delivering results on the ground in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Working with public and private sector partners, the STDF has helped farmers, processors and traders to export safe food and agricultural products to markets worldwide. The projects rolled out hands-on training programmes to build up local know-how and skills on good agricultural and manufacturing practices and food safety standards. Thanks to STDF's support, products across plant, fruit and vegetable value chains can be exported to global markets and farmers' incomes increased, creating a lasting impact.

Partnerships promote ginger exports and rural incomes in Nepal

Building confidence in regional trade through food inspection in Central
America and Dominican Republic

Partnerships in Senegal boost safe cabbage production and regional exports

Shaping knowledge solutions in animal health: the OIE PVS Tool
Expanding horizons for safe horticultural exports from Rwanda
Knowledge solutions on how safe wood packaging supports trade 

Driving knowledge on food safety in cocoa across Southeast Asia

Sri Lanka’s cinnamon exports get a competitive edge in global markets

Promoting safety in Nigeria's sesame and shea exports 

Supporting SPS investment priorities for better market access in Belize

Boosting safe fruit and vegetable exports from Thailand and Viet Nam 

Meeting standards to drive agricultural exports from Nicaragua

Stronger phytosanitary controls help Uganda’s flower exports to grow


Supporting Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia to meet pesticide
standards for export

Centre of Phytosanitary Excellence (COPE) is protecting agriculture and 
supporting trade across East and Central Africa