Aid for Trade

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Aid for Trade aims to help developing countries, particularly least-developed countries, develop the trade-related skills and infrastructure that is needed to implement and benefit from WTO agreements and to expand their trade.

STDF collaborates with the Aid for Trade Initiative

Inability to comply with SPS requirements of importing countries is an important "supply side" constraint facing developing, and in particular, least developed countries to gain and/or maintain market access. Given the Aid for Trade focus on designing actions to address this type of constraints, the STDF provides inputs to the Aid for Trade initiative such as:


Aid for Trade Fourth Global Review 2013

The Fourth Global Review of Aid for Trade was held in Geneva, Switzerland on 8-10 July 2013 and aimed to examine strategies to connect developing country firms to international value chains, how to move up the value chain and discuss the associated development benefits in the context of the debate about the post-2015 development agenda. For more information on the Global Review, please see the WTO website.

The STDF, in collaboration with Canada and the Netherlands, held a side-event at the Fourth Global Review of Aid for Trade entitled: "Public-Private Partnerships in a Value Chain Context".

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Aid for Trade Third Global Review 2011

The Third Global Aid for Trade Review was hosted in Geneva, Switzerland on 18-19 July 2011. Previous Global Reviews (2007 and 2009) demonstrated that Aid for Trade is making progress and that partner countries are making headway in mainstreaming trade in their national and regional development strategies. The focus of the Third Review was on outcomes and impact.

Case stories submitted to the WTO and OECD in January 2011 provided an important source of information for the Third Review. The STDF submitted three case stories on: (i) public-private partnerships (PPPs) in support of SPS capacity; (ii) SPS indicators to measure the performance of national SPS systems; and (iii) economic analysis to inform SPS decision-making. The STDF also prepared a background note on the challenges faced by LDCs in meeting SPS standards in the fisheries sector, based on desk research and case stories submitted by the Ministry of Commerce in Benin and TradeMark Southern Africa.

For more information on the Global Review, please see: